What is it?

THINGCONNECT is a new service which lets you connect your "Internet-of-Things" project to the world. It's secure, world-wide, and works anywhere a cell phone works. In many cases, it is also the most cost-effective way to connect an IoT device. Become a beta tester, get gear and get started!



THING  CONNECT  keeps an IoT gadget connected to the Internet, no matter where the gadget is.

THINGCONNECT keeps an IoT gadget connected to the Internet, no matter where the gadget is.

Why do I need it?

Imagine you and your 12-year-old engineer are building a bicycle tracker. She and you specify what the gadget will look like and what it will do:

  • A blinking box that mounts to the handlebars
  • At home on the computer, it shows a pin on Google Maps, where the bicycle is

Then, you discuss what materials are needed:

  • Arduino
  • GPS
  • Battery
  • …. but how will it send its location?

When building a go-anywhere, internet-connected gadget, you need wireless service. THINGCONNECT is this kind of service, specially made for projects like the bicycle tracker, and many others. See our tutorials below, and sign up to join the beta test.



  • Guaranteed speed - A THINGCONNECT message goes from your device to the phone company to you in a predictable manner. Unlike a regular text message which is "stored and forwarded" (sometimes takes minutes, or even hours.) Plus a THINGCONNECT message is about 1/20th the cost!
  • Secure - Phone companies use the same type of messages to manage your phone.
  • World-wide - THINGCONNECT offer the same terms, functionality and price all over the globe.
  • Efficient - Using a very light-weight protocol called USSD, THINGCONNECT  is more efficient than SMS or GPRS "Data".
All the early testing of  THING  CONNECT  was done using the super-well-documented  Adafruit FONA (more info here) .

All the early testing of THINGCONNECT was done using the super-well-documented Adafruit FONA (more info here).


How does it work?

You save money, and communicate securely with no hassle because THINGCONNECT SIM card does not need a phone number, or a voice, text or data plan. This is what makes it unique. THINGCONNECT service uses a data channel normally only used by the telephone company to update and manage your phone. A gadget you build can send a secure, low-latency message every 5 to 10 seconds, and one message carries up to 160 bytes of information. This is why THINGCONNECT is efficient, secure and future-proof. See real-world examples below.

Through a close relationship with a US wireless telephone company which has connectivity throughout the globe, we've come up with this unique service. The same way a telephone company administers its clients' phones, you can now connect to your GSM-enabled device. Find out how it's done, and join our beta test below



a go-anywhere, always-connected gadget needs a sim card

Prepaid SIM cards from the wireless giants—or those from so-called "Virtual Network Operators"—each have strengths and weaknesses. Our service has a twist: If you need small bursts of data (160 bytes) every 10 seconds or so, THINGCONNECT is your best bet. 

Tell us what you're looking for. What is the deciding factor for your purchase? Rant and rave about service you've found so far. Together we'll build a service that beats them all.


The World-Wide On-Off Switch

There are many "Hello World" projects. This one is ours.

Every programming language, and every technology has a simple proof-of-concept application. Something to show you that what you built behaves the way you expect. 


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Adafruit Fona GSM Module


  • Bash or Python

More information will be posted soon, in our tutorials pages.

Dashboard Status Report

Are the car windows up? Locked? Lights off? Driving without me?!!

Automotive IoT projects suffer from some basic stumbling blocks. If your gadget depends on Wi-Fi, it will only work close to the house. Bluetooth tethering to your cell phone is great, but it only works when you are in the car. With THINGCONNECT your car can finally tell you if it needs attention. 



THINGCONNECT is in private beta.


Fill out the form below, ask questions, leave comments, and tell us about the project you wish to build. The 10 most captivating ideas will receive a GSM module, a shiny, 1st Edition THINGCONNECT  SIM and 3000 free messages. The first 25 project ideas will receive a THINGCONNECT  SIM and 1000 free messages.

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